August 21, 2007

Where the hell is Six Vicious???

Well, truthfully, dude has been on full time lab mode doing artwork and getting a serious live set together for the October tour (alongside Ghislain Poirier in Europe.... holler towards for the few available bookings!). He has also been trying to level the earth with Megasoid PA soundsystem action (we started a new residency at The Drake Hotel and are starting another one in NY before the fall ends....everything you have heard about this shit is true, come peep game at one of the nights!).

There is a new Sixtoo LP coming out on September 11th, titled "Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man" and there will be a bunch of Sixtoo shows in Montreal, Quebec City, London Ontario and some other spots before the European tour happens. Peep those dates below!

In other news, I have been busting ass getting artwork together for various north american Ninja releases including Ghislain Poirier's new LP and 12"s, a 60hz f. Cecile 7", The Megasoid Remix 7" for Ghislain Poirier (and a nice little tattoo design for the homie Kyle). Peep all them round things above, and cop em when you see em! All fire!

You may have heard/ seen some things about it... The Megasoid renegade van parties have gotten way out of control... as is the night at Zoobizarre, we needed to slow the roll for a second before someone did something really stupid... (can it get any dumber than ghost riding rentals on an island with no police after being awake for 36 hours on el leanyo?). All that to say, we have had an amazing summer, but we need to see other commitments filled before a lawsuit ends up in the hands of the Megasoid. Megadudes are on hold till our respective fall tours are done (okay, thats a lie... there are two f*ng MONSTERS that we will do before the leaves hit ground... promise.

1. 700 person Yacht party with Amon Tobin (after the Piknique Electronique)
2. Glitch Mob / Daedelus / Megasoid /Tyconichi after hours for Pop Montreal.
These two joints should be f*cking nuts and will be the only Megasoid shows until we return to our club nights.

As for the new LP.... yeah, it got leaked. People seem to like it alot. I think it is something that takes a lot of energy to listen to, as it is a process based record, and not a songwriting based lp. There are no singles (but there might be a new EP for fall tour). I think it is very much a sixtoo LP, if you like that shit, you might see this stuff on the level somehow. I will just add this: Writers are playing themselves by ripping lp's so far in advance (for my full .02 on the matter, go peep the ninjaforum... it is neither here nor there for me).

Sixtoo will be launching the record at Osheaga, alongside the homies (Kops Crew vs. Heavyweight) in the tents. (ps: The painting for the cover [above] is by my homie Jeremy Felker... he is the shit, and I am glad I got him to do the painting).

Osheaga: Will we see a replay of last year?

In addition to that shit, I recently remixed a track of Amon's "Foley Room" LP, which will most likely appear on his next 12". What else? Megasoid tracks and remixes for Isaiah and some other dudes we know... and the new Sixtoo EP 12" for tour. Tell your mans and them. Oh yeah, and a nice little DJ mix for Scion (Six Vicious - Ghost Ride The UFO) sometime soon!

So yeah. a million things have been going down.

ps: I know need a new website badly, but am too lazy to rock it myself... and have very little time for anything aside from the full time beats/design/remix routine before tour.... maybe fall we can get some new webthings popping...for now, just tell the homies, EUROPE, WE ARE DOING IT HUGE.

That real live shit - Dilla.

9 Sep 2007 Sixtoo @ Osheaga Festival, Montreal. New Sixtoo LP Launch!! Montreal!
21 Sep 2007 Sixtoo @ Lola Outdoor Stage. London, Ontario!!!
29 Sep 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] Remix Party Toronto @ The Drake!!
30 Sep 2007 Sixtoo DJing @ Piknic Electronik (Ninja Tune Day) Montreal
30 Sep 2007 Megasoid Remix Party / Amon Tobin Yacht Burner. After the Piknic !! Montreal.
6 Oct 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] After Hours w. GlitchMob, Daedelus, Tyco and guest raps! Montreal!
31 Oct 2007 Sixtoo DJing @ Yves Laroche Gallery Opening! Montreal!!
17 Nov 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] monthly returns to Zoobizarre! Montreal
23 Nov 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] monthly remix party @ The Drake, Toronto!!
24 Nov 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] monthly remix party debut in NYC!!!!
15 Dec 2007 Megasoid [sixvicious/oxytalkin’] monthly remix party @ Zoobizarre! Montreal!

Oh yeah.... I also had my little acting debut for my freinds (Handsome Furs) video. Scumbag protagonist /White trash apropriate.